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AMX Detectives is renowned for its 100% Discrete & Confidential Private Investigation & Corporate Investigation Services, Pan India & International inquiries at affordable pricing.AMX Private Investigators are highly respected in Singapore. Our private detectives have years of experience in Singapore. Our operative detectives are skilled in surveillance, debugging. Finding contacts, monitoring locations, or using the latest spy technology.

AMX Detectives are the best choice in personal and financial matters. Our expertise also extends to wedding planning and business partnerships. For assistance in protecting yourself against a variety of threats, contact us immediately. It's easy. We can help with any aspect of corporate recognition and modern business.

To uncover the truth, you can seek out the assistance of highly-trained detective professionals. For truthful, fair, and impartial private detective service results, get in touch with us. All reports include evidence and confirmations to prove that the truth is being told. If you require assistance in the most challenging situations, please contact us immediately.

AMX Detective is an Indian private detective agency in Singapore that has been certified in Singapore. Our team of investigators is highly skilled. We are experts in this field and will ensure that you are satisfied. We have dedicated teams that are available to help you both in India and abroad. We provide the best pre-and post matrimonial investigation in Singapore, Divorce case investigation in Singapore, Surveillance detectives in Singapore. All extramarital affairs investigations in Singapore and Litigation Support can be arranged at the most reasonable price.

We are the no1 Private Detective Agency in Singapore. Our team includes highly-skilled investigators who operate globally to deliver the best results for our clients. Corporate Investigations such as Employee Background checks, Debugging Asset Verification, Insurance Claim Investigations, etc.


Our detective agency doesn't only have a base in Singapore. We also have offices in other countries. We offer services not only in Singapore but also in India. Advance Detective Agency has a team of highly-skilled investigators that operate worldwide and provide the best results. Personal investigations, such as Pre Matrimonial or Post Matrimonial, are offered by us. Teen investigations. Loyalty tests. Missing Person cases. We specialize in corporate investigations like debugging, property documents, employee background checks, and asset verification. Insurance claim investigations are also our specialty. Here are some services that we offer.

Personal Investigation Services
These include personal investigation and theft investigation. This includes monitoring people's activities and gathering information that can be used to help clients determine if they are correct. This could include investigating burglaries and thefts.

Corporate Investigation Services
They can also conduct fraud investigations and pre-employment checks. They can also perform competitor and asset searches, trademark investigations, and IP rights research. These services are available for start-ups and local traders as well as multinational businesses.

Matrimonial Investigation Services
These services include pre-matrimonial and post-matrimonial. These services can help couples make better decisions and learn more. These services can help married people find out more and determine if their spouses cheat.

Forensic Service
To investigate fraud, deceit, or pilferage. Many companies offer forensic services that can prove extremely helpful. These services include fingerprint and handwriting analysis, signature verification, and DNA test.

Cyber Crime Investigation Services:
With the rise of the internet, cybercrime has increased in frequency. Excellent help for solving cybercrime cases is a Singapore detective agency.

Person Investigation Services:
It is worth hiring professional person investigators if you are looking for someone to look out for your friend or family member. You can be sure that you don't trust someone by checking their background and reviewing mission details.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Detective Agency in Singapore: AMX Detectives

  • It is amazing to see the combined experience of more than 35 years in the industry.
  • Our team includes professional, experienced and knowledgeable detective agents.
  • We offer a variety of services to both business and personal investigations at very reasonable rates
  • Throughout the investigation, confidentiality for our client is assured.
  • We follow Indian regulations when investigating.

AMX Detectives believes every case is unique. We must approach every case individually and pricing will differ depending on the amount of effort and time spent. AMX Detective will do all we can to find the truth and any other relevant facts that you need within your budget. We will support you from the very beginning to the end of your case.

" AMX Detectives Delhi worked as Pre Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi in my case. Mr Puri made me feel completely at ease when going over case details and logistics. I received a professional report and all the snap-shots as well. I highly recommend them. They saved me from a bad future!! "
" I frantically looked for a way to get rid of my abusive husband who dealt with drugs everyday. AMX detectives and Mr. Puri came to my rescue. With the help of surveillance investigations, they were able to provide the strong proof so soon! Such flawless Matrimonial detectives services in Delhi and other metro cities. Full Marks!!! "
" We hired AMX Detectives Delhi to conduct Pre Employment Vetting on potential employees and they honesty saved us from so many bad hires! Their Background Verifications were so detailed and different from the typical internet ones. I recommend AMX to everyone i meet now! "
" Best Post Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi as I have given my Post Matrimonial investigation work in Chandigarh as well as Delhi and found them the best. This is my thinking. I have not tried others detectives even but Mr. Puri concern in the case bound me to think, he is the best detectives in India. "
" Thanks M/s AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. and it's chairman Mr. Baldev Kumar Puri for handling our company corporate detectives jobs of Pre employment checks in Delhi and Mumbai efficiently and hoping the same kind of treatment and services will be offered to us as far as your services are concerned for any new check up or assignment. "
" The matrimonial detectives in delhi is doing the Pre matrimonial investigations in delhi as well as the Post matrimonial detectives in delhi, New Delhi, India. I have given my sister case to them and in last got satisfied with their results and working on the case. I am working in Corporate sector and would like more work on employment checks in Delhi and believe that this company may help us for Pre employment detectives in delhi, Pre employment investigations in delhi as well as the Post employment investigations in delhi and they are among the best detectives in delhi. "
" I am happy to get their matrimonial investigation services and love to see their passion and dedications towards their detective business and warm approach towards their client. I feel they are the best detectives in Delhi. "
" Excellent detective's services provider in Delhi including matrimonial, surveillance, personal, under-cover and much more. Matrimonial Detectives I gave my 2 personnel investigation cases to AMX Detectives, both were Matrimonial Cases and got excellent results at the end. The surveillance detective's service provided by them was amazing...i am very much satisfied by AMX detective's team... "
" AMX Detectives and Investigation Agents providing very good services in Investigation our client cases and I am very much satisfied with the services of AMX to solve our cases. Very- very thanks to Mr. Puri. "
" The AMX team assisted me in bringing out the truth in my marriage and saved me from continuing to live and fear and doubt. If anyone is reading this review and is thinking about getting any kind of investigation done, trust me you have come to the right the way they handled my case with such professionalism there is no way that any truth can be hidden from them. Thank you so much AMX Team...for giving me a chance to live again. :) "
" Hi dear AMX detectives services proves itsel as best services in India and abroad. I am totally depend on this service as i had to detect or want to know about my parterner. Only AMX detective's pre matrimonial services helped me out to resolve this issue now i am very much satisfied. "
" It is not enough to say that AMX detective services are at the top as it facilitates its customer with complete satisfaction. It resolves my friend's matrimonial case very smoothly. Now she is living with her husband as he is proves himself as positive in his loyality test. "
" AMX detectives services helps me alot in verifying employee details as it provides me the complete solution with pre employement verification. Literally i sort out my all problems related to this issue. Now each and every employee of my company working sincerly, so I very much thankful to AMX detective services as pre employement cerification. "
" Literally AMX detective services are very much liable and i am very thankful to him. I always thought that my life becomes hell because i found too much fraud with my job but only and only AMX detective services that helps me out. AMX detective u r GREAT. "
" Private detectives delhi who does matrimonial investigations work with the team of personal investigators in delhi are the amx detectives and one can rely on their results. I assigned the matrimonial job to them and felt comfortable after getting their outputs. "