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Mumbai is always known as "The city of dreams". It is home to the largest number of people than any other city. Mumbai is well-known because it is home to many Bollywood celebrities. Mumbai is India's financial, commercial, and entertainment capital. It is also India's richest city. Mumbai has a large corporate sector, so it can use the services of Mumbai detectives. We are the best private detective agency in Mumbai, delivering the best results to our clients.

Our Mumbai detective agency employs highly skilled investigators. They cover the entire city of Mumbai. As Mumbai is a huge city, the demand for detectives in Mumbai has always been high. A lot of the corporate sector is also associated with AMX Detectives in Mumbai. Different needs are met by different teams. There is the matrimonial Detective in Mumbai, the corporate detective in Mumbai. Pre matrimonial detectives are available in Mumbai. Post matrimonial detectives are available in Mumbai. Love affair detectives can be found in Mumbai.

Mumbai, known as the city of dreams, has seen its fair share of positive and negative experiences. Each year thousands move to this metropolis. And the number is only growing. An increase in people moving to the city means that there is more involvement in private and professional relationships, as well as in business relationships. Many people are traveling together, meeting new people, and this leads to an increase in emotional attachments, which can lead to love affairs and marriage, infidelity towards spouses, and even cheating in business. A lot of bad luck in business and broken marriages can be attributed to this kind of jinx. These are just a few of the reasons why people hire private detectives to check if the person they are talking to is real.

AMX Detective will assist you in making informed decisions about personal and professional matters. AMX Detectives has solved many cases in Mumbai. We are home to the top detectives in Mumbai. Our private investigations are thorough and comprehensive, so you can gain fullness in each area.

AMX Detectives is the premier private detective agency in Mumbai for any financial or personal matter. We are also experts in wedding planning and business partnerships. We can help you protect yourself against many threats. Contact us today. No hassle. We can help with any aspect of modern business or corporate reconnaissance.

Highly-trained detective specialists can help you uncover the truth. Contact us to get accurate, fair, impartial, and classified results from private detective services. All reports come with proof or confirmations to prove that they are accurate. We can assist you in serious cases that require private investigators.

Why are we looking to hire private investigators in Mumbai

Private investigators are often sought by people who want to solve their private problems in the sometimes stressful world of law enforcement. Mumbai is a great city to have fun and celebrate holidays. A Detective Agency in Mumbai can assist you in detecting cheating, disloyalty, or affairs on Valentine's Day, and New Year's Day.

Mumbai is an Indian tourist hot spot. It is a popular destination for lovers and young people. Private detectives are available in Mumbai to monitor their cheating partners. A Detective Agency is used to monitor the illegal activities of their children by parents.

For our determination to succeed, we have been recognized by many Courts as well as Corporate Clients. Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation are another area of expertise. Private investigators are always striving to improve their offerings. Our professionalism was covered in printed and electronic media.

Once we have finished the investigation, we will provide you with an informative document. We can offer help and advice to resolve the problem. Although we are located in Delhi, the Private Detective Agency is in Mumbai. They are able to provide high-quality investigation services and have successfully resolved many cases involving relationships. If you're interested in providing investigative services, this is the right place.

  • Affordable Private Investigator Services
  • 24 Hours & 7 Days Week Availability
  • Both Male & Female Operatives
  • Completely confidential
  • Latest Modern Surveillance Technology
  • For 35 years, we have helped people discover the truth.
  • High Success Rate and detailed Reports

Our Benefits

  • We ensure confidentiality and security for all our clients
  • Our team includes both legal professionals and investigators.
  • Our expertise extends to pre and post-matrimonial and extramarital affairs investigation. We can provide background checks, surveillance, fraud verification, litigation support, and other services.
  • We follow the Union rules as well as the local governments. This gives us credibility as well as more success than other detective organizations.
  • Private investigators are available anywhere in India with a focus on the metro areas.
  • AMX has a track record of successfully solving over 10,000 cases at the individual and corporate levels in India.

AMX detectives consider every case unique. Each case is unique, so we have to approach each one individually. Prices will vary depending upon how hard and long it takes. AMX Detectives do its best to uncover the truth, and we will work within your budget. We are here for you, from the beginning of your case until the end.

" AMX Detectives Delhi worked as Pre Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi in my case. Mr Puri made me feel completely at ease when going over case details and logistics. I received a professional report and all the snap-shots as well. I highly recommend them. They saved me from a bad future!! "
" I frantically looked for a way to get rid of my abusive husband who dealt with drugs everyday. AMX detectives and Mr. Puri came to my rescue. With the help of surveillance investigations, they were able to provide the strong proof so soon! Such flawless Matrimonial detectives services in Delhi and other metro cities. Full Marks!!! "
" We hired AMX Detectives Delhi to conduct Pre Employment Vetting on potential employees and they honesty saved us from so many bad hires! Their Background Verifications were so detailed and different from the typical internet ones. I recommend AMX to everyone i meet now! "
" Best Post Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi as I have given my Post Matrimonial investigation work in Chandigarh as well as Delhi and found them the best. This is my thinking. I have not tried others detectives even but Mr. Puri concern in the case bound me to think, he is the best detectives in India. "
" Thanks M/s AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. and it's chairman Mr. Baldev Kumar Puri for handling our company corporate detectives jobs of Pre employment checks in Delhi and Mumbai efficiently and hoping the same kind of treatment and services will be offered to us as far as your services are concerned for any new check up or assignment. "
" The matrimonial detectives in delhi is doing the Pre matrimonial investigations in delhi as well as the Post matrimonial detectives in delhi, New Delhi, India. I have given my sister case to them and in last got satisfied with their results and working on the case. I am working in Corporate sector and would like more work on employment checks in Delhi and believe that this company may help us for Pre employment detectives in delhi, Pre employment investigations in delhi as well as the Post employment investigations in delhi and they are among the best detectives in delhi. "
" I am happy to get their matrimonial investigation services and love to see their passion and dedications towards their detective business and warm approach towards their client. I feel they are the best detectives in Delhi. "
" Excellent detective's services provider in Delhi including matrimonial, surveillance, personal, under-cover and much more. Matrimonial Detectives I gave my 2 personnel investigation cases to AMX Detectives, both were Matrimonial Cases and got excellent results at the end. The surveillance detective's service provided by them was amazing...i am very much satisfied by AMX detective's team... "
" AMX Detectives and Investigation Agents providing very good services in Investigation our client cases and I am very much satisfied with the services of AMX to solve our cases. Very- very thanks to Mr. Puri. "
" The AMX team assisted me in bringing out the truth in my marriage and saved me from continuing to live and fear and doubt. If anyone is reading this review and is thinking about getting any kind of investigation done, trust me you have come to the right the way they handled my case with such professionalism there is no way that any truth can be hidden from them. Thank you so much AMX Team...for giving me a chance to live again. :) "
" Hi dear AMX detectives services proves itsel as best services in India and abroad. I am totally depend on this service as i had to detect or want to know about my parterner. Only AMX detective's pre matrimonial services helped me out to resolve this issue now i am very much satisfied. "
" It is not enough to say that AMX detective services are at the top as it facilitates its customer with complete satisfaction. It resolves my friend's matrimonial case very smoothly. Now she is living with her husband as he is proves himself as positive in his loyality test. "
" AMX detectives services helps me alot in verifying employee details as it provides me the complete solution with pre employement verification. Literally i sort out my all problems related to this issue. Now each and every employee of my company working sincerly, so I very much thankful to AMX detective services as pre employement cerification. "
" Literally AMX detective services are very much liable and i am very thankful to him. I always thought that my life becomes hell because i found too much fraud with my job but only and only AMX detective services that helps me out. AMX detective u r GREAT. "
" Private detectives delhi who does matrimonial investigations work with the team of personal investigators in delhi are the amx detectives and one can rely on their results. I assigned the matrimonial job to them and felt comfortable after getting their outputs. "