How Does Pre Matrimonial Investigation Works

How Does Pre Matrimonial Investigation Works

Transparency and truth are the foundations of any stable relationship. Unfortunately, with online dating and matrimonial websites, defrauding and keeping secrets from a partner is common nowadays. Barring, online matrimonial frauds, plenty of cases have arisen even in arranged marriages where huge secrets such as criminal records, exaggerated financial assets, high debts, even cases of adultery from the partner have surfaced after years of marriage. Pre Matrimonial investigation helps you verify the facts and information provided by the subject. It ensures that your potential partner has a clean record and is transparent with you.

Before taking a life long decision of marrying someone you should be cent per cent sure about your partner. Since the late 1990s, there has been a major shift as to how people get married in India. Earlier the families used to find a suitable partner within their social circles, now with online dating and matrimonial websites, finding a partner has become more individualistic. Also, if any fraudster is trying to defraud you, he/she might be expert in doing it. Thus, it would be hard for you to figure out his/her evil intentions. Such factors have made pre matrimonial investigation by a private detective more important.

Why Would You Need a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

In the face of these changing times, we are susceptible to more problems now more than ever, such as:

Any False Information Given

With the advent of online matrimonial websites, a certain degree of security has been compromised and has left us vulnerable to being kept in the dark with false information given by the partner. False information to which we are vulnerable mainly includes, the partner having a second family, information about a profession or financial assets, and in some cases, even the identity given by the person is entirely fiction, etc. False information is usually given by the partner to rob you of your precious assets like money, property, jewelry, etc. A pre-matrimonial investigation should be conducted if there is any sort of doubt arising regarding the behaviour of your prospective partner. An investigation like this will help you prevent any damage that you might be vulnerable to.

Information Withheld under False Pretenses

Cases where information is withheld from you under false pretenses or quite common. Withheld information can include, former crime records, a drug or alcohol addiction, high debts, etc. Information like this is usually withheld because it endangers the entirety of the bond itself. In the long run, this type of information can endanger the lives of both spouses legally and financially. So it becomes imperative to know this information before committing to a relationship that can jeopardize your future. A pre-matrimonial investigation can go a long way to help you in situations like these with a background check uncovering any potential problems you might encounter in the future.

Elements of a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

The scope of every pre-matrimonial investigation shares some common elements:

Positive Identification of the Subject

Positive identification of the subject is an essential part of every pre-matrimonial investigation. It covers the basic information about the subject. It covers the name, age, profession, place of residence, etc. In an age where online matrimonial and dating sites are very common, false information about the age, profession, and identity are quite common. 

Financial Status

Cases, where a person lies about his/her financial status to entice others or simply just to project himself as wealthy to a rich family, are a very real possibility. Usually, in cases like these, a person projects themselves as rich in order to gain acceptance in an affluent household and exploit their money and resources. In a pre-matrimonial investigation, a thorough financial assessment of the subject is done to prevent any exploitation of wealth in the future.

Medical Status

The medical status check is another important area in a pre-matrimonial investigation. A situation where a person lies about a very serious underlying physical condition just because of the fear of losing the relationship has a very real chance of happening. These medical status checks not only to cover physical ailments but mental afflictions as well. If the subject is hiding the fact that he/she is suffering from a serious mental disorder, a private investigator can uncover it so that you aren’t in the dark about the person you’re going to commit to.

Bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, etc

Another important area in pre-matrimonial investigations is whether the subject is a heavy drug user or an alcohol addict or not. In an age where online matrimonial is the norm, it’s very easy for a person to hide their dependencies and addictions from their partner. A drug or alcohol addiction often leads to a very toxic relationship and even results in domestic abuse. A pre-matrimonial investigation can help you prevent any incidents like these which might affect your future and married life.

Criminal Background Check

A thorough check on the subject’s background related to any criminal behaviour, jail terms, legal violations is essential in a pre-matrimonial investigation. If the subject has a record of criminal behaviour, it may cause you a huge problem in the future if you commit to them. A private investigator will help you uncover any crimes of your partner which you are unaware of.

Process of a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

The way pre-matrimonial detective investigations are conducted varies to the needs of specific clients. However, some things are common to every investigation. It starts with the basic identification of the subject to confirm whether they are speaking the truth about their identity or not. A simple check from any of their identity proofs like driver’s license, Aadhaar card is enough for their identification check. With the information of the identification in hand, a check for any previous aliases, criminal records, previous debts, etc can be done. If anything suspicious is found in their criminal or debt records, an external investigation can be done, where the subject’s day-to-day activities can be monitored. If the subject is lying about his/her job, residence, any past relationship, affair or involved in any illegal activity like adultery or any other illicit activities like drug trading, extensive alcohol consumption, etc, the client will be informed with immediate effect. Extensive investigations like these can always help clear any future contentions that may arise and keep the client’s family out of harm’s way. 

Features of Pre Matrimonial Investigation by the Best Private Detectives

Should you hire a good private detective for your investigations, certain things are guaranteed.

  • Accurate Information:  A good private detective will always provide you with the most accurate information regardless of how devastating it is. Withholding information to soften the blow of the news only jeopardizes the investigation in the longer run.
  • Keep the Client’s Information Confidential: Secondly, a good private detective will never breach the client’s confidentiality. Your identity will always remain in safe hands with them even after the investigation is over. That means while the investigation about the subject is done in the neighbour, office, etc; the detective should not reveal the information about the client.
  • Need limited information for the investigation: Thirdly, Any good private detective will always require a very limited amount of information on the subject for the investigation and carry out the whole investigation based on their merit. Moreover, many detective agencies will always try to charge you more than necessary and try to talk you into paying for a detective service that is unnecessary to your need, a good detective agency will always nudge you into making correct decisions that suit your best interests.

To sum up, marriages have always been a complicated affair, and with the advent of online matrimonial websites and a more individualistic approach towards marriage, the chances of getting hitched to a person with a complicated past can inadvertently lead to problems for you and your family in the longer run. Thus, a better approach to decide on a partner before committing to them for life is a pre-matrimonial investigation by the best private detectives in Delhi. Not only a private detective can assure an extensive check into your partner’s background, but they can also ensure that your partner isn’t involved in any illicit activities or isn’t just plainly scamming you for you and your family’s wealth. With a good private detective agency, you can be assured that you and your family are in safe hands.

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