How Does a Private Detective Agency in Delhi Cost?

How Does a Private Detective Agency in Delhi Cost?

According to a report published by the Times of India, the crime rate in the national capital, Delhi is 4 times more than other metropolitan cities, while the national average was 238 cases, Delhi saw  1273 cases per lakh in the population. Cases of intellectual fraud, corporate espionage, kidnappings, and sexual harassment, etc. have been constantly plaguing the capital for years. In a situation where the general well-being of the public is endangered, private detective agencies are a great solution to maintain a personal sense of security. Often these investigations ensure your well-being in the longer run. In this day and age where private investigations have become essential, having an idea about how private detective agencies in Delhi and India cost, can help you plan and conduct an investigation. 

What is the Scope of these Investigations?

The purview of a detective agency for their investigations covers most of the crimes that occur; including investigation and surveillance into employee fraud, robberies, pre-matrimonial investigations, background checks, etc. The technological advancements in modern surveillance, have drastically helped the detective agencies in the way they conduct their investigations. Modern technical advancements have drastically helped detective agencies, making surveillance, evidence collection, debugging services, and undercover operations more efficient.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

The cost of the investigations conducted by private detective agencies can vary because of the unique nature of every case. There are however certain paradigms that are common to every case and affect their costs.


The location of the investigation plays an important role in determining the cost of an investigation. If an investigation is to be done in a major metropolitan city with easy access to roads, airports, and train stations they will inadvertently cost less than investigations that are done in remote areas that are not easily accessible. In some investigations, the detective agency can also charge you for the airline and train fares if the investigation is abroad or far away which will increase the cost of an investigation.

Type of Investigation

The type of investigation is a major determinant for the cost of an investigation. While general inquiries, verification, and background checks can cost between 3500 to 5500 per day, the costs of intensive surveillance can be higher depending on the hours spent on the investigation. Surveillances that include direct observation of the subject, debugging offices and homes of hidden cameras can cost you according to the amount of area searched.

Time Frame

The time frame of an investigation is a major factor in determining the cost of an investigation. Often private detective agencies charge the clients based on an hourly basis. It can cost you more than the usual amount if the course of the investigation demands the detective to work at night and early morning hours. Apart from the investigations that warrant an hourly based fee, some investigations are charged on a prior assignment basis. A mutual fee is decided by the detective agency and the client before the investigation is conducted. However, if there are any unforeseen changes in the course of the investigation, the client is informed of it and the fee is revised accordingly.

Use of Technology

Some cases require the need for advanced and costly tools to carry out the investigation. Instances, where the need for high-end tools arise, include, debugging an office or a home of secret cameras, sting operations to collect certain information, etc. When the investigation warrants the needs of high-end tools, the fee of the investigation can rise.

The Experience and Skill of the Detective

Should you choose to go with a private detective agencies in Delhi that provides detectives who have less experience and has less skill, it will naturally cost you less. However, if you go with a better private detective agency they will always provide you with detectives who have substantially more experience and skills; and will inadvertently cost you more. In this situation, you should always go for the agency which gives you better detectives because risking the authenticity of your investigation puts you at risk and it will eventually waste your money and resources.

To sum up, in an increasingly hostile world, where cases of violence, corporate fraud, robberies, etc are rampant. A good detective agency can be a good option to safeguard your wealth and manage your well-being at times. While the costs of every investigation vary according to the type of case, certain parameters like the location of the investigation, the time frame within which it will be conducted, the technology needed are often the defining factors in deciding the costs of an investigation.

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