How to choose the Right Detective Agency

How to choose the Right Detective Agency

Hiring a detective agency can help you solve your major problems and concern. It can be a personal issue like Matrimonial Investigation, Extramarital affair investigation, Divorce Case Investigation, litigation support, etc or a corporate issue such as employee verification, employee theft case, missing person investigation. Information and details involved in such cases are very critical. It involves sentiments, personal information which if disclosed in the society can cost reputation. In professional cases, it involves business data and information. 

Therefore, it is important to be sure about the sincerity and faithfulness of the detective agency you hire. Detective agencies in Delhi like AMX Detectives can solve such cases with utmost professionalism and sincerity keeping all your data and reports confidential.

Before choosing a detective agency for your investigation consider the following points to make the best decision:

  1. Be specific about what type of investigation you want: Before searching for any detective agency you should be clear about what do you want to know and why do you want to know. There are many detective agencies in India which are specialised in various fields of investigation. To choose the best detective agency for your case you should be clear about what type and level of investigation you want to conduct.
  1. Find agencies expertise in your case: Research Detective Agencies expertise in the investigation of your case. For example, you have found your potential partner from a matrimonial site and you find him/her a right fit for yourself. Still, you don’t have any direct or indirect link with that person. You can’t trust the facts provided by that person. So, you might need a verification investigation. You would like to choose an agency which has good experience in Pre Matrimonial Investigation, has solved many such cases with high client satisfaction. You can use word of mouth, go through client’s reviews and testimonials of some companies and shortlist the best detective agencies for your investigation.
  1. Visit the office and meet the person responsible: To check the authenticity of the company and detective you must visit the physical place of operation. Finalising everything online or on call might not be very comfortable for you when there’s personal information involved. Trust is needed to be built to involve any detective agency in your personal or professional investigation.
  1. Professionalism: Before letting any detective agency know the crucial details you would like to ensure that the company has a proven record of keeping details confidential and satisfy their clients with their service. You must ensure that the company is highly experienced and is old in this field. You should also check that employees working in the company are also experienced and follow the rules and ethics of the company. You can ask the company to get you in touch with their previous clients and check client testimonials of the company.
  1.  Qualification and experience of the detective for your investigation: Only company’s experience and record is not enough. The detective of the agency handling your investigation plays a crucial role. The detective involved in your investigation should also equally trustworthy and proficient as the company  You must check the personal qualification, experience and record of the detective who is looking into your investigation. 
  1. Legal Business Entity: although there’s no specific license by the government for private detective agency the detective agency you choose for your investigation should be registered with the government of India. This ensures that the company is legal in the eyes of law and is carrying out lawful business. You should also check that the owner has a clean record and he/she is not using any illegal activity or methods of investigation.
  1. Pricing policy of the company: Pricing policy of the company should be crisp and precise. Everything should be clear in the first place. Some agencies tell you the low price first and after the deal is finalised and the investigation is started you will find many hidden charges which will cost you much more.
  1. Written Contract with the company: A written contract should be made with the company and invoice should be generated. It will help in solving future problems as everything is communicated in advance. It will also help to get a clearer pricing policy of the company as after a written contract it cannot be changed.

A detective agency is very helpful in easing your major problems if chosen correctly but choosing a wrong detective agency without proper research can cost you a lot more than money. Therefore make sure to choose only the best detective agencies in the industry to get proper results and customer satisfaction.

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