Why child custody investigation is important in the divorce case

Why child custody investigation is important in the divorce case

Are you worried about your child’s safety? Are you worried that your partner/ex-spouse will attempt to take your children out of the country for you? Are you concerned that your spouse is manipulating social workers under the pretense of being a ‘good parent’ It’s not right to leave your child’s fate in the hands of an unreliable and bitter spouse or partner, while the court tries to resolve the child custody investigation and divorce issues?

What is a Child Custody Investigation (CCI)?

Simply put, it’s an investigation into the ability of a parent to provide safe, adequate, and appropriate care to a child. The court will hear evidence from the parents about how they care for their child, as well as any concerns such as child protection. This could lead to a child custody investigation.

An investigation involves observations of parenting. Particular attention is paid to interactions and care that are lacking or problematic. Investigators are trained to record and manage child safety concerns such as neglect, abuse, ill-treatment, or drug and alcohol abuse in the carer. The investigators may also provide evidence.

The purpose of the Child Custody Investigation

The purpose of a child custody investigation (CCI), as ordered by the court, is to obtain an impartial and expedited review of all relevant evidence and facts regarding your children’s custody. This will help the court make informed decisions that are in the best interests of your children (and in accordance with California’s child-custody laws). These investigations are usually triggered by the allegations of one parent against the other.

  • Allegations regarding child abuse and neglect
  • Allusions to substance abuse
  • Allegations that any other issue could directly affect children’s safety or health.

Sometimes child custody investigations occur as a result of a contentious divorce. In these cases, custody becomes a battleground.

What are the possible outcomes of this scenario?

A court may issue several orders to obtain custody of the child by an adult. As a top-rated detective agency in Gurgaon/Gurugram, we have seen countless such cases. However, these are only some possible outcomes.

  • Joint parental responsibility (or joint parental responsibility): This means that the parents share responsibility for the child. Both parents can make decisions regarding the education and care of the child. A dispute can be resolved through the courts.
  • Physical custody, also known as a residence, is when a court orders that a child lives with one parent or another and cannot be legally removed from that care.
  • Shared physical custody or residence: This option allows both parents to share custody. The child is allowed to spend the same amount of time with each parent.

What is the best way to find out if my child has been taken into custody?

Although it can be difficult and stressful to separate from your spouse or partner, an investigation is not necessary every time. However, one will be required if:

  • There are concerns about how your partner is treating your child. An accusation of neglect is often made during a separation against a background of significant tension. An independent investigator can investigate the care of your child and provide objective evidence to support your claims in court.
  • You want to feel at ease. You want to feel at ease if you are unsure about your partner’s ability to care for your child. An investigator can look into their parenting habits, lifestyle, and ability to care for the child.
  • False allegations of abuse and neglect have been leveled against you. This can be done in order to limit your time with your child. The work of a private investigator can prove false accusations and allow you to spend the right amount of time with your child.
  • It was ordered by a court.

Private investigators: What is their role?

A private investigator can collect the evidence and information needed to support their client’s claims in a child custody case. The court can dismiss any evidence that is not legally obtained or accurate.

Private investigators can gather evidence from different sources depending on the type and purpose of their custody investigations. A private investigator can help their client prove that the other parent has a drug and/or alcohol problem. A private investigator can also be used to confirm that the parent has hired a babysitter rather than spending time caring for the child.

When gathering evidence for a child custody case, the best thing you can do is to hire a licensed private investigator. Experienced private investigators are trained in how to deal with evidence and the best techniques to get the information they require. They are also familiar with divorce case laws and other relevant laws in order to ensure they follow the law and protect the evidence. You will only be allowed to present this evidence to a court as it is useful and admissible in your case regarding child custody.

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