Signs of Infidelity in a Marriage: What are the next steps?

Signs of Infidelity in a Marriage: What are the next steps?

So you have been facing some doubts in the marriage. And wondering if you should involve a private detective agency? Well, we’re always here to help you.

However, it’s important for you to cover all bases before taking such an action. In this post, we will go through some of the common pointers that you can make your assessment. Let’s look at this with an example!

Arjun and Anamika have been married for five years. They were once a happy couple, but lately, Arjun has been plagued by doubts about his wife’s faithfulness. Let’s explore how the signs of infidelity manifest in their relationship.

1. Sudden Changes in Behavior:

Arjun notices that Anamika has become increasingly secretive with her phone. She used to leave it on the coffee table, but now she carries it with her everywhere. Arjun becomes suspicious when he sees Anamika frequently texting, with a smile lingering on her face. When he asks who she’s talking to, she becomes defensive and quickly puts her phone away.

2. Decreased Emotional and Physical Intimacy:

Arjun realizes that their once-intimate relationship has become distant. Anamika no longer initiates physical contact and avoids discussions about their future together. When Arjun tries to express his feelings or concerns, Anamika deflects or dismisses them, leaving Arjun feeling neglected and disconnected.

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3. Increased Secrecy and Privacy:

Arjun notices that Anamika has started locking her phone with a passcode, which she never did before. Whenever Arjun tries to use her phone for a legitimate reason, Anamika becomes defensive, insisting on handling everything herself. Arjun begins to wonder why she’s suddenly so guarded about her personal belongings.

4. Unexplained Absences and Changes in Routine:

Anamika frequently mentions work-related events and late nights at the office, which raise Arjun’s suspicions. He finds it odd that she never mentioned these before and becomes concerned when her late nights at work become more frequent. Arjun tries to join her for one of these events, but Anamika avoids the invitation, offering vague excuses.

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5. Intuition and Gut Feeling:

Despite having no concrete evidence, Arjun’s intuition tells him that something isn’t right. He senses a shift in Anamika’s behavior and picks up on subtle changes in her routines. Although he loves her, his gut feeling prompts him to address his concerns and seek the truth.


Arjun’s experience with doubts and suspicions in his marriage to Anamika illustrates the signs of infidelity in a relationship. The sudden changes in behavior, decreased emotional and physical intimacy, increased secrecy and privacy, unexplained absences, and Arjun’s intuition all point towards the possibility of infidelity. It’s important for Arjun to communicate openly with Anamika about his concerns, ensuring that they address any underlying issues together.

If Arjun decides to pursue further investigation, engaging the services of a private detective agency specializing in matrimonial cases can provide him with professional assistance in uncovering the truth. Remember, open and honest communication is key in navigating suspicions of infidelity and working towards a resolution in a relationship.

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