Importance of Divorce Case Investigation

Importance of Divorce Case Investigation

Marriage can be a dream come true for many. But it can go downhill due to multiple reasons ending in a divorce. A difficult path to take on, divorce can be bitter for both parties, and sometimes, can even turn dark.

There are several circumstances in which one party is ready for the divorce, and the other isn’t. There might also be cases of false allegations, hidden assets, issues with child custody, etc., that you might not be able to fight on your own with only your divorce lawyer beside you.

And, so that you don’t have to feel alone in this heart-wrenching battle. You might never be able to know the reason for your divorce. This is where divorce case investigation comes into the picture.

 5 Important Reasons to go for Divorce Case Investigation

1. Evidence is Essential

When you are lawyered up and ready to visit the court, know that your divorce case will be fought upon the strong pillars of evidence. You may divorce your partner for several reasons like incompatibility, lack of passion in the relationship, infidelity, or in extreme cases, an abusive partner, addiction issues, unpleasant in-laws, etc.

But to prove any of your points to be true in the court of law, you would need evidence. A private detective can help you fetch the strong evidence required to win the case. Through proper surveillance and undercover assistance, a private investigator can help you support your case with the required evidence.

2. Save You From Unnecessary Traps

It’s not everything straight in a divorce case. Things can become grim fast and easy. You may not be able to even believe that your own spouse is setting up false allegations against you just so that you get trapped and stamped as the “bad guy”.

From your temper to any of your innocent bad habits, anything can be framed against you. On the other hand, if you have a private investigator by your side, you’ll not only be able to prove your innocence but their wrong-doings that had led you to take the harsh step of divorce in the first place.

3. Hidden Asset Search

One of the crucial areas in which the contribution of a private investigator can be really helpful during divorce is in locating assets. During a pending divorce, your spouse may try to illegally conceal assets to hide them from divorce proceedings.

These may happen if your spouse mostly handled finances during the entire tenure of the marriage or try to spend down the marital assets. For instance, they may give off alleged loans to friends or family members only to retrieve the funds, later on, hide them in other storage facilities, etc.

Another example can be of selling properties at discounted rates only to reclaim them after the divorce. During such cases, private investigators can go through various databases to track down such assets and strengthen the case against your spouse.

4. Child Custody and Child Support

The very fact that children will be under either parent’s custody while the other would have to provide alimony not only takes a toll on the about-to-be-estranged couple but also on their children.

While the main fight between divorcing couples turns towards who will gain custody of their child/children, the element of providing alimony (in most cases, by the husband) can make things bitter as they might not trust that the amount demanded is actually required for the child.

In such a situation, the other party is often suspected of an attempt to retrieve more than required for their own vested interest. If you are under any of these circumstances, you can definitely use the assistance of a private investigator for your divorce case investigation, who will not only help you with hidden assets but also in proving who is the more responsible and better parent via surveillance, going undercover, and accessing databases that will help you build your case.

5. Fighting Threats and Criminal Acts

There have been several instances in which one party can get really aggressive over the other during divorce proceedings. Apart from death threats, there have even been several divorces that ended in murders.

For instance, the infamous 90s international case of Dan and Betty Broderick in which the latter ended the five year long divorce proceeding with a .38 caliber in her husband and his newlywed wife’s chest.

However, so that your divorce proceeding does not turn into a living nightmare, a private investigator can help you by going undercover and collecting enough surveillance data to help you not only get police protection but hard evidence against your spouse to win the case.

Final Thoughts

There are few cases of a peaceful divorce proceeding. Most of the time, divorces turn out to be an unhappy, difficult, and chaotic affair that can even be life-threatening in certain cases.

Posing to be a catalyst to bring out the ugly face of your spouse, can even negatively impact your children. To avoid any mishaps, misuse of property or assets, or public offenses and defamation, it is not only important to lawyer up but to consult experienced and licensed private detective organizations for divorce case investigation to help you with proper evidence to win your case. 

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