How to do a background check for marriage?

How to do a background check for marriage?

A growing awareness is being shown about the importance of performing a background check before marriage. As arranged marriages are an integral part of Indian culture, background checks for marriage are prior to having to know their roots in the past!


In earlier times, before an arrangement was made for marriage, background checks were conducted secretly by family members and neighbors. It was not a major issue and was part of the normal marriage process. Modern methods are available to conduct an arranged marriage background check. We’ll show you how you can be sure that you are not marrying con artists!

A background check is an extensive verification of a person’s credentials. Background checks are typically done before major events, such as the hiring of a new employee or issuing a visa. Background checks are used to verify that claims have been authenticated and to determine the true nature of an individual’s character and identity.

You might conduct a background search on your potential partner if you are planning to get married or engage. There are many ways to conduct background checks for arranged marriages.

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Marriage is a lifetime bond of trust and dedication. Both partners must be fully aware of each other’s character, credentials, and personal information before entering into this relationship. A background check for an arranged marriage is the best way of ensuring that your plans for a happy marriage don’t become a nightmare. A background check can help you make a decision that is reasonable and safe. Marrying someone with too much baggage can be a stressful experience. These are the top four reasons background checks should be done before you arrange a marriage.

1. Debt traps and dowry

Many men end up in huge debt and try to get married to resolve their debts. These men will often resort to violence and torture to obtain dowry in desperate attempts to escape the vicious cycle of debt. A background check on arranged marriages can quickly uncover important financial information about the potential bride/groom. There are private investigation agencies in Delhi NCR and most prime cities that offer this service. The private investigators promise to exercise complete confidentiality such that your name would never be revealed.

2. Abusive behavior

People who have been victims of abuse, violence, or pedophilia in their past often marry to make a good impression on society. But the reality of their lives is very different and possibly even terrifying. One would not want to be the victim of this subhuman violence in a marriage. It is essential to check the background of your spouse. An arranged marriage background check in this situation could save your life.

3. Criminal record

Although it sounds absurd, it is important to check the records of your potential spouse in order for you to know if they have any criminal convictions. It is not unusual to have respectability in marriage even with a criminal background.

4. Divorce and marriages in the past

If you suspect your partner may have been married, divorced, or separated in the past but your partner doesn’t want to tell the truth, you might want the truth before getting married. The public records of marriage and divorce can be accessed easily. To be certain that your partner isn’t involved in bigamy, make sure you know their single status!

5. Family background

Marriage is not between two individuals, but between a couple and a family. A background check is necessary. It is important to know the details of their profession, background, criminal history, social reputation, and other personal information.

A background check for marriage can tell you if someone is seriously behind in federal or state taxes, whether they have filed bankruptcy, and what their credit rating is. Because delinquent or late taxes can take money out of your personal finances, this can have a huge impact. You can use this knowledge to prevent the mingling and mismanagement of your finances.

Hire a detective agency:

A private investigation agency can help you to gather all the information you need about a bride/groom. Their professionally trained and technology-equipped agents will conduct thorough background checks for the marriage. They provide transparent and accurate investigation reports, as well as a skilled team of detectives. There’s a pre-matrimonial investigation which is conducted by many private detective agencies of Delhi in a better way to make your decision on a partner. A private detective will not only be able to conduct a thorough background check on your partner but also can ensure that they haven’t been involved in any illegal activities or aren’t just trying to scam you. A good private detective agency will ensure that you and your family are safe.

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