How can TSCM Services in India Save your Business

How can TSCM Services in India Save your Business

There are many cases when businesses cannot seem to understand why their businesses are underperforming without any apparent reason. Reduced lead conversions or decrease in overall investment. All these are red flags and you need to conduct counter surveillance in your company premises. The residence premises and more specifically use TSCM service which is the best TSCM services in India provided by Team AMX Detectives in order to find the root of the problem. 

In most of these cases, through the plantation of any person as their undercover in your premises, your competitor or enemy tends to steal your confidential or personal information to use them against you for their own profit. TSCM services in India are slowly gaining popularity because it is the need of the hour. Never hesitate to take up this option as this might be the only way you can save your life-long dream, your business that you created with so much hard work.

Methods of surveillance

  1. Physical surveillance: In this type of surveillance, investigators physically follow the subject to gather information about him/her. These investigations are labour-intensive and require detectives to wait for long hours just for a small piece of information. They also need to proceed with extreme precaution so that the subject does not get the suspicion that they are being followed.
  2. Technical surveillance: The latest form of surveillance involves using electronic devices to record conversations, videography, hidden cameras, bugs and other devices to collect important information about the subject in question. This method has expanded the areas of surveillance to a great extent as you do not have to physically hear conversations. With the help of technology, you collect huge amounts of data with great ease.

Due to the abundance of recording devices in today’s world, anyone can be hearing your private conversation or clicking photos for them to be misused later. To counter these activities, AMX Detectives which is among few private investigation agencies provide a counter-surveillance service that finds out whether you are being watched or want to protect yourself from being so. 

The most common in today’s times is TSCM or Technical surveillance countermeasures. Like its name suggests TSCM services counter any technical surveillance, for example, hidden cameras or microphones, bugs in your devices, etc that is being conducted against you. It requires the usage of some hi-tech electronic devices that can be ranging from INR 18 lakh to INR 70 lakh. Looking at the price range the TSCM services look expensive but they are a necessity in today’s world. Here are a few examples to prove that TSCM services in India will save you much more than what you spend on the service:

Protecting sensitive information during acquisitions and mergers

In the corporate world, you are highly vulnerable to being spied upon so that other parties can gather information and gain an advantage over you. These cases are very common, especially during acquisitions and mergers. There have been multiple examples where due to surveillance a company was sold off for half of its market value. In these scenarios, where sensitive information is floating everywhere, you need to make sure that no one uses that against you. Deploying TSCM services might have been expensive but would be a small amount compared to the loss that companies have had to suffer in the past.

TSCM Services Provides Protection from Insider Trading

In the stock market world, insider trading is a huge offence and its route cause is surveillance. Key pieces of information are sold out which can cause a huge crisis for the company as well as the stock market. These kinds of activities often occur during the introduction of a new IPO. Counter surveillance when done right can identify malpractices in your company and find the perpetrator before any serious damage is done.

Acting before a theft has occurred

Taking actions after something has occurred is not only what TSCM services provide. They also help you strengthen your current security level by providing you cybersecurity, security cameras and put in place other guidelines so that no one can steal your information. This is helpful when you or big corporations are about to conduct important meetings where sensitive information is discussed.

Bug sweeping

Whether you are having an important meeting where sensitive information will be shared or you are speaking on the phone, with today’s technology all your conversations can be recorded and will be used against you or your corporation in the future. To avoid such a circumstance, one must hire a private investigation agency to conduct ‘bug sweeping’, a method with which they detect recording devices or bugs installed in your space and get rid of them. Equipped with the latest technologies like EM wave detectors, checking anomalies in transmission waves, etc. to detect bugs and make sure that your conversations are not being heard by anyone else that shouldn’t.

As you can see TSCM services in India have now become a necessity for people to ensure that people are not misusing their personal information. Do not let anyone attack your privacy. Defend yourself with TSCM and sleep peacefully while we stand guard to your information.

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